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It’s fair to say there’s a wholesale movement away from centralised process management, onsite storage and monolithic applications in the IT industry.

Businesses of all sizes seem to be realising that heavy investment in a localised infrastructure just isn’t as economical as it used to be, especially with the rise of the mobile workforce.

But with higher mobility comes a heightened security risk. So how does a business achieve mobility, while still maintaining control and ownership of it’s data and assets?

The answer is cloud computing.

At Employee Zero we’ve tried and tested a range of cloud based applications and security tools, so you don’t have to! And we’ve implemented some of our favourite solutions, including communication tools, CRM solutions and accountancy and quotation applications.

We love finding simple solutions for difficult problems and we’re on hand to help you to do just that. If you’d like to talk to us about cloud solutions, or attend one of our free seminars on cloud computing, get in touch using the details below.


We currently use Quotient as our quoting system, as it directly links in with our accounting software Xero (it’s also easy to use, which saves time).

When you create a quote (which look awesome) customers can even ask a question directly on the quote itself which is such a cool feature to have.

When it comes to converting the quote to an invoice, Quotient does this seamlessly and it goes to Xero straight away.

It’s really something you have to try for yourself, & they’re currently offering one month free, go check it out for yourself here

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Capsule is an online customer relationship management system, that is all controlled online, so no more worrying about customer information!

You can see the customers information all on one page, including addresses, phone numbers, emails, and any notes attached. You can also attach files i.e. quotes, invoices, and any other information needed.

All tasks can be managed through Capsule also. Phone calls, meetings, etc, can all be seen through the calendar.

It’s free for 2 users, forever!

Check it out here


Box is an online solution for storing documents online, and being able to access them whenever, but more importantly, wherever you are in the world.

Files are all securely stored, and you can upload documents and images wherever you are as well!

Business plans start from just £3.50, please get in touch using the contact form below for more info, we can get this solution set up for you!

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