Your business never stops, neither should your technology.

We support both Apple & Microsoft, so we can help you make sure your IT is there when you need it.

Business Technology Support

Help-desk Support

Our fully-managed services give you access to our friendly and knowledgeable help-desk engineers. When you need help, you can get in touch via our ticketing system, email or phone for support. Our engineers will either help you remotely or travel to your site to help you get back on track.

Depending on your setup, we also have various monitoring and alerting tools which we use to keep tabs on key infrastructure such as security firewalls, networking equipment, servers, and computers. These tools allow us to not only react to emerging issues such as a failing hard drive, but to also proactively apply security updates and perform other routine maintenance.

You can find out more about our help-desk services in our business technology support page

Cyber Security and Compliance

Cloud Software and Services

Employee Zero offers a host of leading cloud software and services from our partners including the likes of Microsoft and Google.

We support dozens of organisations with their Office 365 and Google G Suite deployments, which often form the core of their IT. In addition Employee Zero curates a vendor list of the most forward thinking software and service vendors in the industry today. We can provide consultancy and implementation of everything from zero-trust identity providers (IdPs) and directory services, to managed anti-virus and VoIP telephony.


Our team of skilled engineers are highly skilled in deploying and maintaining complex server infrastructure. In modern IT, servers can take many forms, physical and virtual, large and small. Whether you are looking for specialist help in deploying a new server, integrating seemingly disparate services, or help maintaining your current infrastructure, we have a solution for you.

Employee Zero will work with you to design the solution that balances cost and performance for your organisation by drawing upon our expertise in solving complex problems using a range of methods.

Cyber Security and Compliance

Cyber-attacks are becoming increasingly more commonplace, and more and more small and medium sized organisations are falling victim to them. The cost of a successful cyber-attack maybe in time, lost earnings, liquid cash or reputation, which are often difficult to come back from.

Effective IT security has never been more attainable for small and medium sized organisations. The products and services available today not only protect against some of the most common threats, but also provide organisations with valuable controls and insights into how their IT is being utilised.

Compliance and regulatory requirements are often on the radars of small and medium sized organisations. At Employee Zero, we help our clients with the IT elements of Cyber Essentials, ISO and PCI DSS audits, and help implement any required changes to their infrastructure.

Employee Zero specialises in next-generation firewall and security technology, especially for clients who need to secure mixed estates of Windows PCs, Mac, Android and iOS devices.