Had Enough Of Auto Correct

Had Enough Of Auto Correct

Well we get it. We have been dealing with auto correct issues for years now as have all our customers. We think of auto correct as a bit like an over amorous St Bernard. It’s intentions are good and all it wants to do is help but in reality it just gets in the way! couple that with a plethora of American spellings for English spellings, Like colour and color and you have an extremely annoying issue. And it’s anyones guess as to what auto correct thinks your trying to say if you have a christian name any more complicated than John or William?!

Well I have good news! Unlike a Large St Bernard dog you can kick this issue into touch in just a few easy steps, and heres how to do it!

On a Mac

Step 1


Click on the Apple icon in the top Left of the screen and Click on System Preferences. 

Step 2

In The System Preferences Pain Click on Keyboards

Step 3

In the Keyboard section there should be four tabs along the top of the window; Keyboard, Text, Shortcuts and Input Sources.  Click on the Text Tab

Step 4


There shout be a tick box titled Correct Spelling automatically (you will see I have already turned this off) make sure this box is not ticked and That’s it!

Something to remember is, while this will stop the Mac from autocorrecting spelling it won’t stop it from telling you when you have genuinely miss-spell a word. So now its the way it always should have been

On an iPhone/iPad

Step 1

Navigate to the settings app that looks like this:


Step 2


Find The General Tab and click on it

Step 3

Within the General settings of the device you should find a tab that says Keyboard.

Step 4


When you Tap on the Keyboard tab it should open a window like the bellow and theres the radio button (yes that’s what they are called) to turn off  Auto Correction!

Again bare in mind this is simply turning off the autocorrect function. It will still tell you if you have miss spelt a word.

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