Handwritten Messages – iOS 10

Handwritten Messages - iOS 10

If you thought bigger emoji’s was it in iOS 10, (3x bigger actually), then think again, as Apple decided to add a really cool feature. Hand written messages.
Yes, we know what you’re thinking, ‘no one is going to be able to read my writing!’ when actually, with a bit of practice, it can look quite amazing!

So, how do we go about creating such masterpieces?


To start with, you need to make sure that the rotate function is switched off in the control centre, like this image. (to see this, simply swipe up from the bottom when your device is unlocked).










Next, you need to go to the messages app, and either create a new message, or go to reply to someone (who also has iOS 10 installed, otherwise they will not be able to see this feature).







img_0032 img_0031






The next step is to turn your iPhone or iPad landscape, and you will see one of two screens.

You will either see the ‘blank space’ like this image to the left, where you can start writing, or pick a pre written message, or you’ll see the standard keyboard in landscape mode, but with a slight difference. You see the hand writing tool to the bottom right? That’s it, click it! You will then see the blank canvas you can start creating with.


img_0033And that’s it! You can now start writing personal messages, all you need to do to send it when you’re finished is to turn your phone back to portrait.




Here’s a video from start to finish. Enjoy!

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OK so now you’ve seen me (try) and give it a go, we think you should to!



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