We love what we do. Life’s too short to be unhappy at work.

Work with a partner who’s passionate about keeping your technology working for you.


Employee Zero is an IT consultancy and managed service provider, delivering world-class customer service to our clients throughout the United Kingdom and around the world. We are trusted advisors for a diverse client-base, with experience supporting IT in many different verticals.

We are sought out for our unique approach to outsourced IT services which is the result of our heritage as a company. We were established in 2014 initially only specialising in supporting Apple products in business through our membership to the Apple Consultants Network. From there we quickly identified the need to provide cross-platform solutions and support providing infrastructure and platforms that allowed our clients to choose whether they used PCs or Macs or a mixture of the two.

Our USP quickly became the ability to empower our clients to choose how technology worked for them, rather than the traditional approach of trying to fit business processes around the technology available. This approach has given Employee Zero a competitive edge, one we intend to keep by constantly developing a cross-platform support offering for our clients. We believe that IT support services should be more about people than technology. By delivering quality customer service, we seek to maintain a happy client base, which in our industry goes a long way to creating a good place to work for our employees. Doing things properly without cutting corners, with integrity and honesty promotes a working environment with reduced stress and greater employee wellbeing. Our clients want their issues to be solved in a timely and professional manner by calm, approachable and skilled engineers. In practice this means that we deliver the best service to our clients and ensure our employees are happy.

This is an important balance that is not often considered in our industry. The benefits of doing this well means that we work in a fun and vibrant environment that our clients benefit from by having a motivated and focused outsourced IT team.

Our Values 

If a job is worth doing, it’s worth doing well; this is our work ethic. This mantra is simple and transparent and ensures that each client is treated with respect and honesty. Honesty and integrity are qualities we hold above all others, as we are not in this industry for the quick wins, but long and lasting relationships with our valued clients.  Quality is something we value at Employee Zero, in our people, services and products. We ensure quality is built into every aspect of how we do business, and expect the same of our Partners. This is an ongoing commitment and something that fuels our passion to offer the best solutions available in the industry.