We believe that the great work that we do is directly related to the great people we employ. We love what we do and our people share that passion and enthusiasm which is key to our success. We look to work with like-minded businesses, and the same rule applies with our own people. As we are a part of the Apple Consultants Network, it’s important to us that we maintain a level of service befitting the Apple brand and culture.

At Employee Zero, every employee has a voice and a say in the development and direction of our company. Success and hard work is recognised, rewarded and genuinely appreciated. To stay focused, we need goals. To this end personal development and career progression is deeply routed at Employee Zero. If a job is worth doing, it’s worth doing well; this is our work ethic. This mantra is simple and transparent and ensures that each customer is treated with respect and honesty. Honesty and integrity are qualities Employee Zero will look for when hiring.

Employee Benefits

At Employee Zero, we believe that happy staff are better staff. So to look after them, we offer the following benefits:

Starbucks Coffee in the Office & When On Business

Company Pension

Private Health Care

Perks System (discounts, offers, etc)

Use of Company Equipment Outside of the Workplace.

Unlimited Personal Development time

Training & Professional Certification

We’re currently taking applications for the following vacancies