Device Management

As businesses and educational institutions of all sizes expand their estate of devices and increasingly work in different ways (cloud computing), having their devices in a mobile device management solution or ‘MDM’ has never been so important.

Macs, iPhones and iPads being used by organisations as if they are personal devices presents many problems for business owners, IT administrators and managers. Not having central control of organisational devices presents issues of how is software purchased and distributed to the devices, the security of the device itself and the data on it, compliance with policy and law, the time it takes to set up and even update devices, the management of passwords and login credentials of users among many other common issues.

At Employee Zero, we are often contacted by growing businesses who have had these pain points in the past because their IT infrastructure and management has not grown at the same rate they have. The solution to these problems is always bespoke, as we have such a large toolbox of products and services from various providers to call upon to match with the client’s needs. For example, some businesses will not need the same level of restrictions on their devices as say a secondary school would need, or management is only required at one site rather than on the road.

As organisations work in different ways, some may provide organisationally-owned devices, and some may offer a BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) scheme where you use your own computer or phone for business. Many MDM solutions have the facility to deal with both of these ways of working, ensuring that the privacy and independence of the device owner isn’t encroached upon, or the security of organisational data isn’t compromised.

Due to the wide variety of management options we have available to us, we can access a wide variety of price points depending on the use case, some which require initial investment in on-site hardware, and some which work on a monthly subscription basis per device. When we speak with you, we will ask the questions that will shape the solution that’s going to be right for you now and going forward.

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