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Cloud networking brings the scalability, manageability, and efficiency gains of the cloud to small business, education and enterprise networks. Solutions offer the perfect balance of on-premises hardware appliances and cloud functionality and intelligence.

As Cisco Meraki Partners, Employee Zero can help you determine the current state of your business network, and suggest ways to improve security, speed, efficiency and scalability. Cisco Meraki hardware is the best on the market, and offers a wide variety of innovative features to help your business or educational institution flourish.

The network is the beating heart of IT infrastructure, so getting a solution that is designed and deployed correctly is business critical. We will often build redundancy of devices and backup power supply (UPS) into our solutions, so that you are always on and working.

We also offer networking solutions from manufacturers other than Cisco helping you to get the right product for your budget.

A wired ethernet infrastructure is as important today as it has ever been. The amount of data we consume, share, create and collaborate on has never been higher in volume. One common problem we are often called in to resolve, is the speed and functionality of networks. Solving networking problems, often begins with an assessment of the quality, age and capability of the existing cabling.

We offer structured cabling services (fitting ethernet data cables) for our customers, often as part of a bigger networking project.

Wireless networking or Wi-Fi is business-critical service we rely upon everyday. With Wi-Fi our devices are unshackled from a static desk, enabling us to work in new ways on a wider variety of devices. Whilst we recommend having ethernet cabling in place for fixed assets on your network (servers, printers, creative workstations, data storage devices), Wi-Fi enables us to work with devices like iPads, iPhones and MacBooks to achieve new things.

Getting Wi-Fi setup can be tricky, and can potentially cause adverse network traffic and security concerns for your organisation. We offer network design services that takes into account the physical location(s) you have, the security of your network, the option of having a guest network with speed throttling and a landing page (Quality of Service) as well as many other options.

Our network specialists offer site survey services, planning the optimal position of access points so you have network availability where you need it. Network surveys take into account everything from the fabric of the building, the density of users in one place (a key concern for education, as getting this wrong could mean 3 classrooms of 30 devices connecting to a single access point causing a bottleneck), to how the users will authenticate their device with the network.

Increasingly, small businesses are the target of malicious attacks and breaches into their internal network, causing everything from ransomware being installed on workstations, to confidential data being stolen.

The very core of any organisational network, should be a protected security appliance or hardware firewall with an active subscription to threat updates. We offer security appliances from various manufacturers with different levels of functionality coming in a different price points.

A good security appliance will scan incoming traffic for known threats (this is why it is important to have an active subscription on your appliance to keep current threats at bay), and also provide secure access to your network from outside by your own users.

Many appliances also offer other features that include the ability to have multiple internet connections active at once for failover, as well as the option to attach a device that will allow users to fall back to the cellular data network should your primary and secondary internet connections should fail. For many businesses today, not having access to the internet means work stops losing you money whilst issues are resolved.

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