How We Work

Employee Zero offers services ranging from consultancy and audits, one-off individual projects, and complete managed IT infrastructure and ongoing support.

Our established client base is filled with fantastic like-minded people who share the same values as us, who we have worked with to create innovative solutions that address their everyday problems.


As your IT partner, our philosophy is to truly understand the vision you have for your company as a fixed point and to work back from there to create a solution that delivers the best possible value from your investment.

We work with companies small and large, some have internal IT professionals who we co-ordinate with to offer our specialist services, whilst others entrust us to take on the role of their IT director.

On some projects, we offer project management services if, for example, there are a number of IT contractors such as cabling engineers, ISPs and telephony companies involved in delivering the final product.


We are brought into organisations to help audit and score services and equipment in use, and provide recommendations to address a particular problem or update an ageing solution. This can be following a security breach, a new compliance requirement or to evaluate solutions provided by other IT companies.

New start-ups also utilise us for getting their systems set up correctly from day one, to avoid any unnecessary and inefficient expenditure.

Our services can stop here, or you can commission us to deliver services based on the audit.

Managed Services

Our fully-managed services give you access to our friendly and knowledgeable help-desk engineers. When you need help, you can get in touch via our ticketing system, email or phone for support.

Depending on your setup, we also have various monitoring and alerting tools which we use to keep tabs security firewalls, networking equipment, servers, and even computers. These tools allow us to not only react to emerging issues such as a failing hard drive, but to also proactively apply security updates and perform other routine maintenance.

As well as the pro-active and reactive support, our managed services can include mobile device management (MDM) services for editing restrictions and permissions, deploying and recalling software and configuring new devices to a standard company specification.

If you would like more information about our managed services, please get in touch. Our managed services FAQ can be found here.