IT Support Options

At Employee Zero, we know how vital your time is, and how there isn’t enough hours in the day.

We give your business a dedicated support team, managing your devices and infrastructure within the business, whether they’re Apple or not.

Our refreshing approach to IT support allows us to truly partner with our clients.

See below for our support options, and by all means, give us a call or drop us an email. We’ll be happy to talk them through with you.

Our Managed IT solution also has available add ons, making your solutions truly personal, see those below.


Centralised Storage

In a collaborative environment the ability to store, access and manage data is paramount. We use a perfect hybrid of high-availability on-premise file servers combined with the flexibility of the cloud.

Always Online

Not being able to access the Internet often hinders a company’s ability to function. There are many solutions and fail-safes commercially available to ensure you stay online.


Seemingly basic, best practices often fall by the wayside causing inefficiency and confusion. In today’s modern workplace, there is no place for internal email.


In the modern workplace provisioning a new user, assigning software licenses and keeping in all in sync is a key concern when considering how much IT support you need. Integrations and new concepts for identifying a user alleviates costly server and networking hardware and reduces pressure on IT.  A well-oiled machine is always less likely to need constant attention.


With so many connected devices, the risks of security breaches and data theft are ever increasing. Any organisation needs a plan and  infrastructure in place to mitigate the risks as much as possible. Moving away from the ‘password-on-a-Post-It’ paradigm is also an important step.


No matter which devices are in use, a zero-touch set up will save countless hours of IT set up and more maintenance. Ongoing management allows for easily distributing new software, settings, company resources as well as proving a live inventor. Remotely-wiping devices can stop unauthorised access to company data.

Support Options


Basic remote computer login

Mac Helpdesk Support

iOS Helpdesk Support

Raise a ticket via phone/email/website

4 Hour Response Time*

2 Hour Response Time*

Customer Knowledge Base Portal

On Site Support*

Event Logging

Enrollment of any device running OSX, Windows, Android, iOS or Chrome

Raise tickets via customer Slack Channel

Advanced Remote Login (with zero touch from end user & no additional software required)

Remotely update devices Operating Systems via MDM portal

Lost Device Mode (message sent to device, lock, and wipe)

Details of OS version in MSP Portal

Details of Network Credentials in MSP Portal

Push OS Updates Remotely

Full software list on all enrolled MDM devices with ability to push updates to VPP software

Visibility of remaining available storage on all enrolled devices

Advanced remote management (zero touch for end user remote access)

New user onboarding

Strategic reviews of current infrastructure

10 Hour Block

SLA (Legacy)

Managed IT

Min. 10 devices

Ad Hoc

Managed Add Ons

Single Sign On

Directory Services

Group Management

Password  Complexity Management


Event Logging API

Microsoft Office 365 Integration

Multi Factor Authentication

VOIP Telephony

Available Phone Nmbers

Cloud PBX

Phone Services & Devices

Call Management

Voicemail & Greetings



Internet Fax


Server Monitoring

Security by Default

One Way Postbacks

No Need To Open Ports

Encrypted Transit

Root Access Not Required

Controlled Updates

Transparent Status Updates

Hosted in Secure, Reliable Data Centers

Multi Factor Authentication

Managed G-Suite

Business Email via Gmail

Video & Voice Conferencing

Smart Shared Calendars

Documents, Spreadsheets & Presentations

Unlimited Cloud Storage (1TB Under 5 Users)

Security & Administration Controls

Managed Office 365

Email With 50GB Mailbox

1TB File Storage & Sharing

HD Video Conferencing

Fully Installed Office On PC/Mac

Office Apps On Tablets & Phones

Online Version Of Office

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What brand of machines/devices do you have?

How many machines/devices do you currently have?

What add ons are you interested in?
Single Sign OnServer MonitoringVOIP TelephonyManaged G-SuiteManaged Office 365

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Additional Comments


Q. Is there a minimum number of devices we have to sign up?

A. The minimum number of devices to sign up is 10

Q. Do we have to sign up the whole team?

A. No! Only sign up the machines & devices you want supported.


Q. Is there a minimum term?

A. Yes, 12 months

Q. How do you know how many users we have?

A. Our plan includes new user on-boarding & off-boarding. We’ll check the number of users when we run our initial setup, periodic checkups, & adjust accordingly.

Q. Do the prices include VAT?

A. All prices are exclusive of VAT.


Initial set up fee is required at £180 +VAT.

SSO services dependant on compatibility & price plan.

Minimum term of 12 months.


Required in writing 90 days before end of 12 months.