Our Partners

We maintain membership to the Apple Consultant Network, which requires our Solutions Engineers to renew their Apple Certifications annually, as well as an expectation for our employees to deliver world-class customer service befitting the Apple brand. Most of our clients have Apple devices in their organisations, and rely upon Employee Zero to provide the best integration and management services relevant to modern IT.

The Cisco Meraki portfolio of products and services offers premium networking, security and device management solutions for organisations who rely heavily upon IT to operate. We have partnered with Meraki for their quality of product, service and ability to serve and manage devices whether they are Windows PCs or iPads.

Microsoft is synonymous with IT in business. Microsoft has some presence in  almost all businesses whether that be the operating system of choice, server infrastructure or Office 365. Employee Zero is partnered with Microsoft to better serve our customer with their Microsoft products and services.

JumpCloud provide unique services enabling the ability to run a directory and related services from the cloud, with no server hardware necessary. Users can use one set of credentials to log-in to a Mac, PC or cloud-connected app. Organisations can then enforce compliance policies to meet PCI, GDPR and ISO requirements. Employee Zero is an early partner of JumpCloud, and we often hold calls with their engineering and product development teams which helps cement our relationship further.

Okta is the leading identity provider (IDP), offering unparalleled control of connected cloud applications. We can integrate Okta to work with user directories from Office 365 JumpCloud, and Microsoft Active Directory, allowing users to sign into apps and services across desktop and mobile devices. Furthermore, a user’s access to all company services can be suspended with one click, or log-ins limited to a particular location. Employee Zero works with Okta as the service work completely cross platform, and the feature set is second to none.

RingCentral provides VoIP telephony services globally. As such, their service is very versatile with integrations and compliance very much at the centre of the service. Employee Zero has partnered with RingCentral as telephony services go hand-in-hand with the networking and device deployment work we design and implement.

Synology make server and storage solutions which are highly reliable and scaleable to any organisation, from a small business to a data centre. Synology equipment is built well, and is supported by a development and security team who work to constantly update and patch installed units. Employee Zero has partnered with Synology for the integration and cross platform benefits  the equipment offers. Additionally Synology servers and storage solutions are extremely cost-effective solutions compare with other file server solutions.