Our Story

Employee Zero was established in 2014 by ex-Apple employees to provide consultancy, installation and management services of Apple products in business. From day one, we have been partnered with Apple as a member of the Apple Consultant’s Network, which requires our Solution Engineers to renew their Apple Certifications annually, as well as an expectation for all of our employees to deliver world-class customer service befitting the Apple brand.

Since then, we have expanded our platform to include a number of complementary services to provide a complete solution to deploying and managing not only Apple devices but also Microsoft Windows and Android devices too.

We have remained true to our origins of providing specialist expertise in securely and efficiently managing estates of Apple devices, whilst ensuring our product offering is compatible cross-platform and cloud-first.

Remaining true to our values of quality, we have developed partnerships with industry-leading product and service vendors, to provide the back-end services and security needed to make your IT tick, regardless of the device you have chosen to use to do your work. Take a look at the partners we have developed relationships with to find out more about them.

Employee Zero is now a Managed Service Provider, offering businesses an IT partner with the expertise and help-desk support to manage all of your devices. We work with our clients to ensure their IT systems remain current and relevant, with the ability to be resilient to new threats and compliance requirements.

We work all over the UK delivering our intuitive solutions. Since 2015, our Support Centre has been located in central Leicester on the Pioneer Science and Technology Park, next to the National Space Centre. Handily, you can follow the signage for the National Space Centre, placed on all major routes through Leicestershire to find us!