Whether your Mac needs a tune up, repair or upgrade, we have options for most Intel-based Macs. We can address both software and hardware issues, give advice and provide set-up services for new hardware. Please get in touch for more information.

What we do


Employee Zero maintains Apple Certified Macintosh Technician staff to support repairs and up-grades of Mac hardware, including those classed as ‘Vintage’ by Apple. Typically when a Mac reaches 6 years old, it is no longer supported for hardware repairs. We support most Intel based (post 2005) Macs for limited hardware repair; typically we are able to replace faulty RAM & hard drives.

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Our Technicians can advise you on a range of possible upgrades available for most Mac models, most commonly replacing hard drives with higher capacity disks, or replacing them for better performance solid state drives (SSD). upgrading RAM is another common way of getting more longevity out of an older Mac, increasing potential performance and adding more possibility for installing a newer, more up to date versions of the Mac OS X operating system.

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Data Migration & Recovery, and Setup

Data migration from an old Mac to a new Mac, or from PC to Mac is also a service we offer as part of our Hardware and Software Support. We can attempt data recovery from failing hard drives, but must stress that this service remains chargeable even if unsuccessful due to the time this process takes.