IT Consultancy

At Employee Zero, we have specialise in planning and delivering IT projects for both our existing clients and as one-offs for organisations needing outside expert advice.

Mobile Device Management (MDM)

In modern organisations, many devices running a multitude of operating systems and software are used to get the job done. Managing the security of data, access and compliance are often pain points Employee Zero is brought into solve.

MDM software and services are employed to secure devices, enforcing settings such as disk encryption and locking down specific business or education focused configurations. Employee Zero uses tools which centralise the management of devices whether they are Windows, macOS, iOS or Android devices.

The RTI of employing MDM is often proven through labour overhead savings, as devices can be managed, updated, and erased (if lost or stolen) remotely without the need for a remote worker to arrange to bring the device into the office.

Mixed Environments – PC and Mac

Employee Zero is officially partnered with both Apple and Microsoft which ensures we maintain the skills needed to offer innovative solutions to clients who use multiple platforms.

Clients will often consult Employee Zero to design and deploy a solution which integrates Macs and iPads into a traditional Windows Server environment. Employee Zero has been a member of the Apple Consultants Network since the company was first formed and so we have a wealth of experience delivering these types of solutions.

Cyber Security and Compliance

Employee Zero offers comprehensive cyber security consultancy services, which will help you to identify the weak points in your IT security. We audit your infrastructure and cloud software as well as sit down and work through processes to highlight potential attack vectors.

Once the threats are identified, we can implement changes with a comprehensive layered approach to security, which includes next-gen firewalls, anti-virus, DNS-layer security and device management.

Most organisations are bound by compliance, whether that’s GDPR, PCI DSS or ISO standards.

Employee Zero offers consultancy services specifically around the IT requirements of the various compliance needs, assisting you to ensure your organisation meets its obligations.

For more information, check out our Cyber Security and Compliance page.


We offer consultancy, planning, implementation and management of server projects of many different varieties. Everything from a small NAS solution used for network storage, through to complex Windows multi-server hybrid environments, all designed to work cross-platform.

When it comes to servers, there are often many solutions which can be employed all with pros and cons. The real value of consultancy is when the right solution all things are considered, from budget to planned future growth and scalability.

We frequently deliver projects which involve:

  • Microsoft Azure
  • Amazon Web Services (AWS)
  • SQL servers
  • Active Directory
  • Synology NAS
  • Veeam backup and replication

To find out more, please check out our Server page.

Cloud SaaS and Identity

Making sense of the abstract concept of ‘the cloud’ is not in the job description of most decision makers we speak to. Employee Zero is brought into organisations to provide up to date advice on the options of what cloud SaaS (Software-as-a-Service) can offer.

We typically design and implement migrations of on-premise servers to the cloud, including:

  • On-premise Exchange to Office 365/ G Suite e-mail migrations
  • Server migrations to Azure
  • Server migrations to Amazon Web Services (AWS)

Modern IT is about scalability, flexibility and security. SaaS is often a cost-effective way of ensuring that these principles are met using the cloud Identity Providers (IdPs) so that the right people are accessing the right data and services within your organisation.

Technology facilitating Single Sign-On (SSO), enabling users to securely enter one password for everything they need, and organisations to quickly on-board and off-board employees was not too long ago very expensive and only for large enterprise, is now within reach of small and medium sized business.