Our team of skilled engineers are highly skilled in deploying and maintaining complex server infrastructure. In modern IT, servers can take many forms, physical and virtual, large and small. Whether you are looking for specialist help in deploying a new server, integrating seemingly disparate services, or help maintaining your current infrastructure, we have a solution for you.

Employee Zero will work with you to design the solution that balances cost and performance for your organisation by drawing upon our expertise in solving complex problems using a range of methods.

Cloud Servers

We deploy and maintain cloud-hosted server infrastructure in both AWS and Microsoft Azure. Moving servers to the cloud has many benefits, from security, accessibility and reliability to scalability and cost.

Physical ‘on-premise’ Servers

Employee Zero is partnered with leading hardware vendors to offer the best server hardware available. By running your own server hardware over moving wholesale to the cloud sometimes still comes out on top. An initial investment in hardware in certain circumstances outweighs a monthly bill for cloud services over the projected lifespan of the hardware, depending on the complexity of the services and the amount of cloud storage required. By running services on-prem, you can achieve greater access speeds to key data, which is often important in an environment where large files are used frequently.

Hybrid Deployments

This is where the workload is shared between both on-premise and cloud servers, which in some cases gives clients the best of both worlds. A complex server deployment run entirely in the cloud may be a burdensome cost but running everything on-prem doesn’t offer the sort of flexibility or assurance of business continuity should something happen to the hardware or site. By running most or all services from a physical box and replicating everything to a dormant backup server in the cloud, means that cloud-hosting costs are kept to an absolute minimum whilst at the same having the cloud services there to failover to in times of emergency.

Cost-effective file servers

If you just need file services this shouldn’t be a costly or cumbersome solution. Working with our partners we can deploy scalable and powerful devices with gargantuan capacity.

  • Smaller scale devices for use within departments or smaller teams for backup and data centralisation
  • Expandable devices for archival, backup and retrieval purposes these devices can supplement other servers and make offsite backup a breeze
  • Powerful units that can bring datacentre technologies to your own infrastructure allowing redundancy, supreme speed and hardware resilience