Our Services


We all experience issues with our IT at some point. The question is who do you turn to? At Employee Zero we can offer helpdesk support so you can pick up the phone or raise a ticket and we can get onto resolving your issues or answering your queries during our business hours.

Device Management

In a mobile first business you have a lot of devices to take care of. You could individually manage each device and receive access to consumer grade solutions to manage them or look to cover all of your iOS, Android, macOS and Windows machines via our mobile device management solutions. We work closely with Cisco Meraki Systems Manager to help roll out updates and apps automatically, locate and secure your devices and overall to increase productivity.


The internet serves your business’s needs day in day out. A strong network infrastructure makes the difference between poor performance and frustration and increased productivity and end user experience. Whether you’re a sole trader or a cross borders organisation it’s vital to have a stable, secure network for the benefit of your business, your customers and your intellectual property. As a Cisco Meraki partner we can be sure that the hardware we install is robust, reliable and well supported providing you with little to no downtime.


To ensure your data, your customer’s data and sensitive business information is kept safe you will want to think security. In a cloud first, mobile first environment, security is woven into the design of these services which is why companies like Microsoft and Sage have moved a vast majority of their services into the cloud and drop support for their on premise counter parts. You need not fear this move as Employee Zero can be with you along the road to a digitally secure business. Utilising next generation firewalls, intelligent network design and device management we can ensure great end user experience and productivity along with peace of mind about your most valuable assets.


File servers are a genuine on site necessity. A vital piece of your day to day operations and part of the chain in a collaborative workforce. Synology are market leaders in the realms of servers, whether it’s for backup, file storage, production or even a data centre Synology knows the score. Using their extensive range of products and covering competitive price points we can look at solutions that are reliable, fast and secure.


The cloud. It’s word thrown around a lot in the world of technology and has a large stigma attached due to the unknowns attached to it. Using trusted industry leaders such as Microsoft, Amazon and VMWare in the delivery of cloud solutions, we can be sure that your virtualised machines, backups and active data will be accessible readily, perform at their best and allow your business operations to scale appropriately around them


There’s nothing worse than losing data without having a solution to recover your core and peripheral business functions. Using either cloud or on premise solutions for backup means you can rest easy. You know you can restore all functionality and be back up and running within hours or even minutes. At Employee Zero we work closely with Microsoft and Amazon for cloud solutions and Synology for any on premise requirements. We work with these products as they’re innovators that provide cutting edge solutions with a range of price points and performance to suit all needs.

Software As A Service (SaaS)

With a need to stay up to date in the mobile first, cloud first environment you can’t ignore service based solutions. Whether its PCaaS to have the latest hardware on a regular basis from Dell, or DaaS to have your Active Directory needs hosted by Azure. The as a service model allows you avoid the necessity for expensive solutions that you keep that may be great for a year or two but soon fall out of date. By working with Dell, Microsoft and Cisco our portfolio of products allows us to deliver industry leading solutions to small business all the way up to enterprise level requirements.