Social Media Courses

Get Serious About Social

Half Day

Early bird tickets £99 +VAT & Fees

Welcome to the new faces of social media!

Even in the past few months the uses and applications of social media platforms have changed dramatically and we will be hosting an event to bring to light some of these changes and how you can utilise them to help your business reach more of your target audience.

Hosted by award winning social media strategist Paul Ince who will be delivering practical advice on how to engage smarter with your customer base, how to increase your audience, and how to generate sales through social media activity. Paul has many years experience working with businesses across the UK, fine tuning their social media strategies and helping them see the true value of a targated social media campaign. Areas that will be covered in the morning include:

Why social media is important for your business
The major platforms and their relative pro’s and cons
“Selling” on social media
Building a successful strategy to measure and grade success

Facebook For Business

Half Day

Early bird tickets £99 +VAT & Fees

Hosted by our Social Media Strategist partner Paul Ince. This Course includes:
– The power of Facebook – the functionality and the opportunity – there’s so much to it and plenty of features that people don’t realise exist
– Setting up your Facebook page and getting it verified
– How to get your business found on Facebook
– Working with the Facebook algorithm
– How to get your posts in people’s newsfeeds
– What to post, when and to whom”

Make Facebook Ads Work For You

2 Hours

59 +VAT & Fees

This 2 hour course includes the following subjects:
– How to build audiences that match your ideal customer
– Segment like an orange – Why multiple audiences work better than a single set
– Try before you buy – testing what works before you spend a fortune
– Understanding the different ad types, options and why just boosting a post is a ‘no no’
– Using the Adverts Manager and understanding how it works
– How to interpret the results

LinkedIn Superstar Club

2 Hours

£59 +VAT & Fees

This 2 hour course includes the following segments:
– Optimising your LinkedIn profile to be found by others
– Why networking is a great idea and how to connect with others that will potentially buy from you
– Publishing your own content and sharing others – how this increases your personal brand and profile in general
– LinkedIn Social Selling Index – why you should pay attention to this
– Give and you shall receive – why Groups are great to be seen as an expert in your field, and how to get noticed

What Is Snapchat & Why Is It Important?

1 Hour 30 Minutes


Our Social Media Strategist partner, Paul Ince, has kindly put together this FREE course. They are few & far between so grab your tickets whilst you can, it will certainly be fun to attend!
The following will be included:
– What is Snapchat and why is it important to pay attention to?
– Who is on Snapchat?
– Should you be on Snapchat?
– How it works